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Being new to Somerset and new to the whole 'running my own business'  thing in 2017, networking has played a huge part in my business from the start. So as well as designing all things awesome... I also help run and co-host "Let's Talk Business" with the awesome "Crew".  I have made some amazing connections in my short time of being a Small Business owner... and really want to help others do the same. There are some great businesses in Somerset and all it takes is one introduction to build a strong working relationship.

Let's Talk Business is exactly what it says on the can..... ‘Let's talk’. It's not about selling. 

Our format is very simple:

  1. Arrive, grab a coffee and let us introduce you to some new faces.

  2. You need to know who's in the room so we’ll have quick introductions (don't worry they’ll be short and sweet!)

  3. Time for more mingling - the idea here is to seek out people you can connect with.

** Refreshments served throughout  

Why should I network?


A timeless question that doesn't have a concrete answer. Networking means different things to different people - To get more business is probably the default answer. But it's more than that - knowledge, support, learning, sharing, friendship, trust the list is endless... 

Only you will know your motivation, but what we would say is…

"network with a purpose and enjoy it"
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